Complete Chaos – a journey through a mangled mind

If you are looking for the end of the rainbow, where all is well with the world, you made a wrong turn somewhere between fantasy forest and idealist island.

The World Is My Garbage Dump

Can someone explain to me how, in 2016, people are still dumping their garbage wherever they see fit? How has the collective consciousness not evolved to the point where humans realize that earth is not their personal garbage dump? The... Continue Reading →

It Could Always Be Worse

"It could always be worse" is a phrase that I do not hold in high regard, to put it lightly. I understand its purpose in that it aspires to urge people, who have fallen on hard times of varying magnitude,... Continue Reading →

Life Of Luxury

Who knew, that when I moved into my first "luxury apartment," I would be surrounded by such high-quality people? It is truly the┬ásalt of the earth┬áthat I am connected to in this vivacious little village. If I had only known... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Complete Chaos

I know that I am not the first person in the world to comment unfavorably on the absurdities of the human race, and I most certainly will not be the last. That said, there are some boulders that I need... Continue Reading →

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